MERN Course on Udemy

In half of this year, I have spent time on freeCodeCamp to learn thoroughly all JavaScript courses from the basic one to the most complicated one. I had a basic understanding of all of them. However, when it comes to how to organize and connect all pieces into a real project, I was still not sure. 

From the recommendation, I finished this course on Udemy two weeks ago. This is a great course to gather all knowledge fragments about MongoDB, ExpressJS, React/Redux, and NodeJS.

It suits well to me due to a few reasons below: 

  • Help me to get into Redux gist! I know much better how actions, reducers, stores, middleware work!
  • MongoDB interactions are not something too mysterious. 
  • Organize code and separate concerns. 
  • This course is not basic at all. I am not bored with any lesson. 
  • Some useful ES6 goodness, e.g. destructuring. 
  • Features of projects reflect many real-life things, for example, authentication (JWT), database manipulation, Redux state management, etc. 

To implement most of the ideas about Redux into a project from scratch, I also finished this challenge from a friend to build a todo list into a calendar with a great confidence.

After this course, I think I will spend more time on video courses as they’re really helpful in accelerating the learning process. One of my next targets is to go through many interesting courses on LaraCast.

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