Algorithms Specialization Notes

I have finished three first algorithm courses in this specialization on Coursera. My main motivation was to fill up my foundational knowledge of computer science. Generally, I enjoyed all courses and their videos though sometimes I could only capture concepts and ideas behind all proofs. However, I am sure that I understand the motivations and steps to practice all algorithms, and translate them into real code.

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add_action – WordPress and SICP

I am going through the well-known Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs book and come across a mention about add_action.

This immediately brought my attention as WordPress has a similar concept called hooks (add_action and add_filter). Section 3.3.4 of the book gave an example of how this concept is deployed, which is simple but brings a lot of flexibility to the system.

Such an enlightened and connected feeling!

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

With the wish to build up my computer science skills, I read and did exercises in this textbook based on the recommendation from TeachYourselfCS website.

The reason I chose Networking first is that I have worked with Internet everyday since I started working. But I did not expect that I will master the Networking field after learning this textbook. I just wanted to have the general understanding about Networking.

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