add_action – WordPress and SICP

I am going through the well-known Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs book and come across a mention about add_action.

This immediately brought my attention as WordPress has a similar concept called hooks (add_action and add_filter). Section 3.3.4 of the book gave an example of how this concept is deployed, which is simple but brings a lot of flexibility to the system.

Such an enlightened and connected feeling!

Woo Viet 1.5.0 and OnePay Gateways

It has been one year since my previous release 1.4.5 for Woo Viet – WooCommerce for Vietnam. In this version 1.5.0, I focused on two main issues:

I tracked this version with the milestone feature in GitHub.

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WordPress: Detect Homepage on Functions.php

Sometimes you may want to write code that triggers a hook in the homepage of your WordPress site. You try using this code:

// Wrong way if you want to use a hook
if ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) {
  // Add a hook (filter/action) here

It can not work because these functions can be really triggered in WordPress template files only. More specifically, they can only be triggered after the main WordPress query is run.

A simple workaround looks like this and actually it can apply to any site, not just WordPress:

// Correct way if you want to use a hook
if ( $_SERVER[ 'REQUEST_URI'] === '/' ) {
  // Add a hook (filter/action) here